About Me

Hello! Thanks for your interest and time in getting to know me. My name is Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar, and I’m a professional photographer and a Product designer based out of Bangalore, India. I’ve always been inspired by different art forms, and they have sneakily trickled into my life to become my career. 

Over the years, my perspective on photography has aged with me and the only way I’ve learned to do this is by empathising. I try to empathise with the subject I photograph and try to document that in its truest form. You could say that documentation is my style of photography - without exaggeration, and true to its purpose.

I apply these principles in my research and designs as well. Drawing parallels between innovation and intuitiveness by means of research, user empathy, designing & redesigning. 

If communication is the key to coexistence, then art is the medium that enables it. And I’ve been lucky to have music, photography and design as a way of expression.

Photograph by Shakunthala kl

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