About Me

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me. I'm Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar (Vidhya), passionately & professionally engaged in the world of product design for 6+ years currently in Stuttgart, Germany.

Rooted in a design-focused educational background, my professional journey has seamlessly embraced both the dynamic world of product design and photography. This dual expertise allows me to bring a unique and creative perspective to both realms, consistently contributing to design projects over the years.

Throughout my professional endeavours, I've applied the principles of empathy and authenticity to both product design and photography. Whether crafting intuitive designs through diligent research and user-centricity or capturing moments in their truest form, my work reflects a holistic and seasoned approach.

In my world, communication is the key to coexistence, and art serves as the bridge. Fortunately, I've found expression in design, photography, and music, making each project a unique blend of creativity and purpose.

Photograph by Shakunthala kl

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