Team: Vidhyalakshmi, Henry, Jordan, Melle Meijer & Jae young

My role and responsibility: Visual Identity - Logo development


The idea is to develop a dynamic visual identity for Hotel Con Corazon, which would also be coherent with their future expansions and translates well in combination with different destinations. The new brand identity has to reinforce their value and USP which supports the local community’s education. A universal appeal to the brand extensions would help Hotel Con Corazon position themselves better in the market and improve their overall market standing. Revitalizing the brand identity at this point of time is appropriate as the business is in its developing stage, looking to expand its physical presence in other countries. 


The existing brand identity of Hotel Con Corazon does not support the enduring values of the company and is not relevant for their future expansions and the expected target audience. Therefore, providing the brand with an enterprising visual identity would help in creating an uniform and unambiguous brand image.


Community Welfare (Education)

Love and Care

Non-Profit Organization



Target group

Different countries have different target groups, however what all travelers have in common is the sympathy for social enterprise.

Mexico: American travelers and domestic passengers.

Nicaragua: A mix of Europeans and American travelers.

Age: 30-40 with a family Or 60+

Mostly traveling together

Not aimed at Backpackers


Because the hotel(s) are at different locations and countries, the interpretation can be different through religions, culture and beliefs.  However, changing the style entirely might not be ideal as the recall value might diminish and we might lose the strong existing brand identity which was confirmed by previous research of the hotel.


The dynamic brand visual identity to be created will provide Hotel con Corazón with a unifying yet individually distinguishing concept. Unifying for the complete hotel chain and other ventures of Hotel con Corazón, but also distinguishing the identity between the different hotels based on their location.


The tone-of-voice will be broadly based on the already existing style guide, focusing on keeping it Fun and Fresh (one of the four business principles); being honest and transparent and not being too modest: all deeds, words and visuals overall can show pride and appropriate boldness.


The concept stands to bring out the authentic heritage experience that a customer gets by visiting hotel Con Corazon. This main idea is approached with 2 other dimensions which give a wholesome identity to the brand. ‘Kindness’ which is available in abundance with every aspect of the hotel along with a 'playful' angle, that establishes the good cause of the brand in a unique manner. This aspect will make the entire visual identity more vibrant than it currently is.

communication concept: authentic experiences 

style: playful, heritage

Logo: minimal heritage and playful

Existing Guiding Principles

Fun and Fresh

Couleur locale

Place to be you

A ‘good’ business with good idea

New Guiding Principles

Fun and Fresh

Authentic Heritage Experience

Where kindness isn’t a luxury, it is luxury with kindness

Bold and Energetic

Logo Evolution & Explorations


The idea of splitting the heart gave us opportunities to convey that the hotel is made up of really kind and hardworking staffs and also people who have contributed for building the hotel itself. This also proves that the staff stand for the people and people for the brand which brings out the whole community development ideology of the brand into light.

The split also connotes to the dual objective of the hotel which is to provide a comfortable stay as well as education to the local community kids.

The dots make the look and feel of the logo playful and vibrant which enhances the interactivity of the logo.



Online & Offline Dynamic Identity explorations

Logo animation

Loading Animation

Brand adaptation