Styling, co-ideation & Model - @kaiturebyb

An image from and of my dreams by @vidhyavijay & @kaiturebyb

I dreamt of a girl clad in a red saree walking around fearlessly with a handwoven mat in her hand. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the girl in the red saree amongst the greenery was hard to miss. Although fearless, I remember a vivid image of her standing next to the mat with so much warmth in her eyes. It looked so surreal in my dream that I had to bring it to life. 

@kaiturebyb is a curator and an ardent handloom supporter who started her handle to highlight the different weaves in India and promote sustainability in fashion. When I shared this thought with her, she immediately picked out a red Shikargarh saree & a handwoven, almost-28 year old mat with the most perfect parrot embellishments.

Shikargarh originally referred to an inspiration for a hunting scene in the pre-British and Mughal eras but today the motifs of a Shikargarh Benarasi cry out for the need to conserve wildlife, the urgency to protect their habitat and kindness amongst human for the fellow passengers on earth. 

It is our dream that the world tomorrow is a better place not just for humans, but for all members of the animal kingdom, the flora and fauna around us.

And that’s how this image from my dream became an image of my dreams

Sincere Thanks to Padmapriya Baskaran